We can help you develop the necessary hardware and software to connect your sensors or robotic devices to efficient SensorWeb enabled middleware, whether on classical computer infrastructure or embedded devices.


We are directly involved in the creation and implementation of the SensorWeb international standards of the Open Geospatial Consortium and experts on IoT and M2M standards and protocols.


We have implemented many processing libraries ranging from simple statistical analysis of time series data to advanced real-time geolocation of video on terrain and robust data fusion (Kalman Filters).


We know a nice modern-looking visualization is what you need to make your data appealing to your users or customers. We can provide easily customizable visualization solutions that work on the desktop, mobile, and in any web browser.


We are not security experts but our solutions are secured using proven, state-of-the-art security software for access control as well as DoS and spoofing protection, so that your data, sensors and other assets are properly protected.

Open Source

We publish most of our software as Open Source so that you can freely modify it on your own or seek help from the community.


We are a small team of engineers with expertise in Mechanical, Electrical, Aerospace Engineering and Computer Science.

We are dedicated to providing good software solutions for bringing your sensors and IoT devices to the next level.

Join the Sensor Web to use your devices at their full potential!

Contact Us

Since we basically live on The Internet, the best way to reach us is via the form below: